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How to: The "Maximum Instances" Issue


While you are running a script, TRiBot continuously pings the server letting the server know a script is currently being run on your TRiBot account. This is how the Instance Manager works. When you stop the script or close the TRiBot client, TRiBot pings the server one last time to let the server know that the script is no longer running. Under normal circumstances, you can then immediately start up another (or the same) script.

However, if your TRiBot client is closed improperly (your computer crashed, TRiBot was terminated via Task Manager, etc.), the server never receives the message indicating that the script has been stopped. As a result, you will see the infamous message shown above even when you don't even have TRiBot open anymore!

How to Solve It

This can obviously be incredibly frustrating. Luckily for you, you aren't out of options. If the server doesn't receive an "update ping" from the TRiBot client for 15 minutes, it will assume there was a problem, and automatically remove the instance from your Instance Manager. This means that if this ever happens to you, all you need to do is wait for 15 minutes for the instance to "time out" on the server, and you will be ready to start up another script once again!

Note: If you are VIP or VIP-E, you can instantly "Kill" an instance by using the Instance Manager found here:

How to Prevent It

Especially because the solution to this problem oftentimes involves waiting for 15 minutes until you can do anything, the best solution to the problem is to prevent it entirely. While it is unfortunately true that the occasional computer crash is unavoidable, and that you sometimes have no choice but to use the Task Manager to terminate a frozen TRiBot client, you should avoid these situations whenever you can.

To help minimize the chances of unexpected "bad stuff" happening, make an effort to do the following:

  1. If you run your bots on a VPS, use the most stable and reliable VPS that you can find. Sometimes paying an extra dollar or 2 is worth avoiding the headache that constantly running into this problem can cause.
  2. If you run your bots on your own computer, ensure that you have enough RAM and CPU power to handle the number of bots that you are running. Just because "it's working right now" doesn't mean that it will stay that way. I would recommend staying below 80%-90% both CPU and RAM usage, and even less if you are using the computer for other things as well.
  3. Don't terminate TRiBot clients using the Task Manager unless you absolutely have to! While this often times this does work properly, as I have mentioned it above, it can also work very improperly. If you need to close a lot of clients at once, spend the extra 30 seconds to open each one and close the client as intended.
    Think of this like turning your computer off using the power button; it usually doesn't cause any problems, but it certainly can.

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