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How to: Fix common errors by deleting the .tribot folder

Deleting your .tribot folder is a common step when troubleshooting TRiBot issues.
Warning: This will delete all of your TRiBot settings, saved accounts, break profiles, proxies, proxies, etc.


Method 1:

  • Press  (Windows Key) + R to open the 'run' box
  • Type in %appdata% and press enter to go to your appdata folder
  • Delete the .tribot folder

Method 2:

  • Open the TRiBot loader and log in
  • Click File > View Local Scripts Folder
  • Go up a few directories, to the directory before the .tribot folder
  • Delete the .tribot folder


  • Open a Terminal. (Press ⌘+Space, type 'Terminal', press enter)
  • Paste in this line, and press enter:
    CAREFUL: The 'rm -rf' command recursively deletes everything in the target directory! Copy/Paste this line EXACTLY.
    rm -rf /Users/$USER/Library/Application\ Support/tribot/

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