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Posting a Proper Script Bug Report

Posting a proper bug report for a script isn't very self-explanatory and is quite ambiguous for many users, thus resulting in many bug reports that look something like this:

  • “script not working. please fix”
  • “so many bugs”
  • “getting stuck”
  • "script very slow! plx fix"

Although it’s quite understandable to not know what information would be useful in a bug report, reports like these generally do not help the script writer debug the problem in nearly all cases.

Proper Bug Report Format

Step 1: Copy and Pasting Client and Bot Debug

The debug tabs can be found at the bottom of the TRiBot client. Hold shift and click to selectively choose which lines to copy and then use your operating system's copy keyboard shortcut to copy. Alternatively if you do not know which lines of the deub are relevant, you can copy the entire debug by right clicking the debug tab and selecting copy to clipboard. Be sure to copy the debug from both tabs and properly label which is which.

Step 2: Screenshot, GIF, or Video

What you see on your screen may not always be able to be seen by the script writer. Being able to visual see what isn't working correctly can be very helpful in solving the issue. A video or GIF is preferred, but a screenshot may be sufficient. If possible, record both the cause and effect of the bug.

Step 3: Stack Trace

When a script is stuck, the stack trace can be helpful in determining where at in the code it is getting stuck. To print the stack trace, open the Script menu at the top of the client and select Print Script Stack Trace. This will print the current stack trace to the Client Debug tab at the bottom of the client. Follow Step 1 to copy the stack trace and include it in your bug report.

Step 4: Description of Bug

Give a detailed description of the bug including how to reproduce it and how often it occurs.

Step 5: Your Settings

Provide all settings that are relevant to the bug. This includes, but is not limited to, script settings, TRiBot settings, and game settings.

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