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Fix #1

First thing you need to do is verify the latest version of Java is running on your Mac (available for download here).
To see what version you're currently running,

  • Click on the  at the top left of your screen
  • Click "System Preferences..."
  • Click on the "Java" option at the bottom and the Java Control Panel should open in a separate window
  • In the General tab, click on the "About..." option.
  • Verify this is the most recent version available from the download link up top.

Fix #2

Next, you need to verify you have the correct .jdk, or Java Development Kit. Before starting your TRiBot client, you tell it which jdk to reference, as seen here

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Many, if not most, issues with the client on Macs are due to the jdk being outdated. To download the latest, go here, accept the License Agreement, and download the OS X version.
The file downloaded will be a .dmg file. Open it up and you'll be able to install it (only with Administrator privileges, of course).
To see what versions you have installed on your Mac,

  • Click on the Spotlight search option in the top-right (or just type cmd+spacebar) and search for "Finder."
  • Once in the Finder window, click on the "Go" option in the very top bar.
  • Click "Go To Folder..." and type this in, then click Go: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines
  • You should see the available options to choose when starting your TRiBot client.
  • Verify the latest jdk is present, should see something like this:
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Most common issues with loading the client should be resolved if you've verified both are up to date.
If you're curious, here's a post I found that helps explain the difference between the two and why these steps are necessary:

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"The JRE" is, as the name implies, an environment. It's basically a bunch of directories with Java-related files, to wit:

  • /bin with executable programs like java and (for Windows) javaw, which are essentially the program that is the Java virtual machine;
  • /lib with a large number of supporting files: Some jars, configuration files, property files, fonts, sounds, icons... all the "trimmings" of Java. Most important are rt.jar and a possibly a few of its siblings, which contain the "java API," i.e. the Java library code.
  • Somewhere, possibly squirreled away by the installer to some directory specified by the operating system, are some .DLLs (for Windows) or .so's (Unix/Linux) with supporting, often system-specific native binary code.

The JDK is also a set of directories. It looks a lot like the JRE but it contains a directory (called JRE) with a complete JRE, and it has a number of development tools, most importantly the Java compiler javac in its bin directory.

Fix #3 
If none of the above work, another thing you can try that has been found to solve some issues is deleting your tribot folder, tribot loader, restarting, and redownloading:

If you've used TRiBot on your mac, your tribot folder will be here:
1. Click on Finder

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2. In the menu bar, click "Go," then choose the "Go To Folder..." option

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3. Paste this into the box changing "YOUR MAC USERNAME" to whatever is in your upper right corner. USE LOWERCASE LETTERS.

  • /Users/"YOUR MAC USERNAME"/Library/Application Support/
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4. Delete the tribot folder, then delete your TRiBot_Loader.jar file used to start TRiBot.

5. Restart your mac and redownload the file from

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