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Avoiding Bans

Jagex's Anti-Bot System is much more advanced than it once was. If you're new, be sure to read all of the information in this article.

Before we being, we must understand one thing:

  • Bans will happen if you attempt to goldfarm.

However, don't let that discourage you! There are plenty of ways to profit, but it won't be as simple as clicking start and walking away for a week. You will have to do your own experimentation and find out what works for you. This article will give you a kick-start in this knowledge.

Let's start with some common terms related to bans.

Delayed Bans

  • Jagex uses delayed bans as a method to prevent script/bot makers from discovering just what is causing their bot to get banned. These delays in bans can be anywhere from a one day delay, to a six month delay.
  • That being said, do not blame the last script or bot you used. Your ban was likely to be caused by a script/bot you used a while ago.

Ban Upon Login

  • Sometimes instead of banning an account straight away for botting, Jagex will issue a ban which won't activate until you login to the client. With that being said, don't blame the bot client and say it is detectable. Your ban has been waiting for you, and it just wasn't issued to you until you logged in.

IP Flagging

  • If your account gets banned for botting, Jagex will likely flag your IP, and will monitor the accounts which are linked to that IP. If you get banned, try to reset your IP and create a new account on that new IP.
  • Some proxy/corporate IPs are also flagged, so watch out.

Avoiding IP Flagging

  • Some users like to avoid IP flagging by using proxies, but many of them still link their account to their main IP.
  • If you are using a proxy to avoid IP flagging, you must create the account while using the proxy. If you create the account with your main IP, but only bot using a proxy, your main IP is still under threat. If you create 10 accounts using your main IP, but bot on them using 10 different proxies, a ban one one account could lead to a ban on the 9 other accounts because they are all linked by the account creation IP.
  • If you are using a proxy, you should also never login to the RuneScape website (or client) using your main IP. If you do, your account will be associated with your main IP.

Accounts Which You Don't Even Bot on are Under the Flame

  • As stated by Jagex, if you are caught botting on one account, all of your other accounts may be banned for botting. It doesn't matter whether your other accounts were actually botted on. Be careful.
    • This only applies if Jagex can associate the accounts. Under most circumstances, this won't happen unless you're botting on MANY accounts.

"Client Detection"

  • Some users claim TRiBot is detectable. However, they are wrong. Users have to keep in mind that I can read the client's code, and I do. With every RuneScape update, I check the client's code for any method which can be used to detect botting clients. So far, no code is being used to detect/search for TRiBot.

Know these terms help you understand your situation better and properly assess what's happening when things go wrong. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize these problems.

How To Avoid Bans

Age Your Account Properly at Registration

  • Jagex has stated in their youtube videos/live streams that they look at the age of the account holder to determine how many hours a human of said age would likely to be playing the game. A person below 18 years old is likely to be in school between 8am and 3am. A person between 18 and 22 might be in university/college for many hours each day. On top of school hours, students have to spend their hours doing homework. Jagex knows this fact, and looks at the age of account holders and how often the account is played on. Botting many over weekdays may sway Jagex to think you are a botter if you give them a young age.
  • If the age of the account holder (given to Jagex at account registration) is an age which a person is likely to be in school, do not bot during school hours, and limit the amount of hours botted during weekdays. I'd recommend giving Jagex an age of between 24 and 40 to lessen the chance of Jagex suspecting you of botting.

Make Your Character Unique

  • Don't use the default character clothes upon creating your account. Make sure to switch the clothes up. Other players are more likely to report you for being a bot because you look like a common bot.

Common Bot Stats

  • Please level up your combat level to at least 10. Level 3 accounts are usually bots. Players are likely to suspect you are botting if your account is level 3, and they will report you.
    • Jagex also uses heuristic analysis, and common bot-like stats could be a factor. Level 3 skillers are far more often bots than real players.
    • This goes for all stats. 

Avoid Botting Long Hours

  • As stated by Jagex, most legitimate players don't play for long hours. Don't bot more than 8-10 hours a day, unless you don't care about your account.

Use Breaks

  • Most humans don't have the attention span to play hours without a break. Use TRiBot's break handler, giving your account a break every once in a while.

Switch Up Activities

  • Don't bot the same skill/activity every day. Switch up the scripts you use. Try using a woodcutting script for a few hours one day, then switch to a mining script for the remaining hours of the day. The next day, maybe try using a mining script again, then go and use a combat script. Most real players don't do the same skill/activity for days on end. Switch it up.

Avoid Scripts with Bugs

  • Scripts with bugs in them can cause your account to be trapped in an endless loop of doing something which looks bot-like. Example: If the account gets stuck outside of the Lumbridge chicken coop and it tries to attack chickens which are in the coop for hours, it will look like a bot. It will keep trying to kill the chickens even though it can't reach it. A human would be smart enough to know to open the coop door to fight the chickens.
  • If the script you are running wasn't developed by an established script writer, then baby-sit your bot to ensure that the script doesn't have any bugs in it. If it does have bugs, you can either use a different script, or baby-sit the bot at all times when running the script.
  • Scripts that use modern techniques are often naturally more resistant to bans. Looks for fluid camera movements and fluid behavior in general. Choppy scripts are often easily detectable, even if they are written by established users.

Use Scripts with a High ABCL

Avoid Botting in Areas Filled With Other Bots

  •  Try to bot where no other bots are. For one, Jagex calculates playing pattern heuristics. They will compare the heuristics of each player to the other players in the area. If a group of players in the same area all have the same heuristics, Jagex will conclude they are all bots and ban them all. Note: This is what ABC/ABCL was made to combat. ABC/ABCL assigns unique characteristics to every different bot, thus giving them different playing pattern heuristics, which combats Jagex's bot finding methods.
  • Another reason why you should avoid botting in areas filled with other bots is that players are likely to notice a ton of bots, get angered, and report them all.

A Note About Jagex Anti-Bot

People tend to get hung-up on "How to Avoid Bans". The truth is that you can't avoid bans by using a gimmick. It's not about individual factors. Certain combinations of factors produce better results than others. For example, if the method you are botting is watched heavily by Jagex, it may not matter how you dress your character or what your stats are. Each factor has weight, and finding out what combinations work is tricky.

For example, you may be able to find an uncommon method and use a really high quality script. Maybe that combination allows you to bot inhuman hours per day without being caught. Other methods and scripts might get you banned after 2 hours.

And then there's luck. Sometimes you just get unlucky. Jagex has a team dedicated to banning bots. They are assisted by software, but ultimately you will come across inconsistent bans and it will be hard to make sense of them. That's Jagex's goal. They don't want you to find out what works and what doesn't, so don't be discouraged if something doesn't make much sense.

Good luck out there!

Todd is the author of this solution article.

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