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How to use the Break Handler to prevent bans

Why should I use The Break Handler?

When Jagex is looking for bots, one of the main criteria that is currently thought to be important is how long the account is playing for.  When you think about it, you would not be able to play for 20 hours a day on a regular basis.  Since most people have trouble playing 8 hours a day (the same amount as a full time job), Jagex can guess with high certainty that you're botting if you are putting in absurd hours without breaks.  This is where the Break Handler comes in.  The Break Handler will help you manage when and for how long breaks will occur for your account.



Select the row you would like to edit and then edit the appropriate times at the bottom left.

Note: Times are in HHHH:mm:ss where H = hours, m = minutes, and s = seconds.


This is how long the script will run before it takes a break. E.g entering 1:15:00 will make the script take a break after 1 hour and 15 minutes.


This is the randomness of the runtime. The run time can be adjusted by a random time which is entered in this box. This is so that your bot doesn't always run for the same amount of time before taking a break. E.g entering 00:15:00 can delay your break schedule by up to 15 minutes of the runtime or can schedule your break up to 15 minutes earlier then your runtime. This is totally random


This is how long your break will last. E.g entering 00:25:30 will make your bot take a break for 25 minutes and 30 seconds.


This will randomize the duration of the break. E.g entering 00:10:00 could make your break last for up to 10 minutes longer or 10 minutes shorter than the original duration of the break. This is totally random. 


Once - This will only run this break time once.

Repeat - This will repeat the break time until the script is stopped.

Select Save on the bottom right to save the given break (row) and then select Save on the top right to save the given group of breaks to a Profile.

Select the profile name you just saved from the list in the script manager before starting your script.

Break Handler can also be used with the Client Starter.  See How To Use The Client Starter for more information.

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