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How do I switch to or setup Auth0?

  1. Login to the TRiBot Forums with your regular username and password (if you're already logged in you can skip this step)
  2. Head over to the Account Settings page (the page where you manage your TRiBot Forums account)
    • You should see something like the following, it may differ depending on your forum theme:
  3. You'll need to take note of two things here, the email address and the Auth0 status.
    • In the picture above:
      • The email is: ""
      • The Auth0 status is: "Not connected". 
  4. A status of "Not connected" in Auth0 means that Auth0 still needs to be setup
  5. The email address listed is going to be the email you're using to setup Auth0.
    • This means that in our example the email address I will be using to setup Auth0 is "".
    • Note: If you do not have access to the email address listed, please change it before proceeding. As the email address listed is the email address you will be using to setup Auth0. You will need access to it.
  6. After confirming you have access to your email, click configure next to Auth0.
    • Assuming all goes well, you'll be brought to this page to confirm that you need to login to Auth0.
  7. Click "Login (Auth0)" to proceed.
  8. Alright, we're getting close to the finish. The following screen is where you'll need to login to Auth0.
    • The credentials to use are your TRiBot email address (that we confirmed earlier) and your TRiBot password (the one you've been using to login previously).
  9. Go ahead and hit continue and we're done!
    • Well, unless you have two factor authentication enabled, then you may need to enter a two-factor authentication code and then we're done!
  10. If all went well you'll be brought to this screen, which means everything went well and you're up to date with Auth0! Congratulations!
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